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There are four grades of Professional Membership:

  • Affiliate
  • Associate Membership
  • Full Membership
  • Fellowship

A member must fulfill the following mandatory requirements for upgrade of his & her Membership status:

  • Fulfill the statutory period between grades of membership

Affiliate to Associate = 3 years

Associate to Full Member = 6 years

Full Member to Fellow = 7 years

  • Complete an Upgrading Request Form.
  • The candidate must attend at least two ACGPN Mandatory learning programmes and
  • programmes and forward copies of the certificates of participation to the Association.
  • Meet all financial obligations to date.
  • Send a detailed Curriculum Vitae, with emphasis on employment history and key responsibilities of the present position.
  • Attach all relevant credentials/certificates (including appointment/promotion letter to present position).
  • List Contributions to the Association.
  • Membership/Participation in Committee/Council
  • Attendance at the Association’s Activities (e.g Annual National Conference, AGM, Annual Public Lecture, SME’s Forum).