SME Corporate Governance

Creating long-term stakeholder value through conscientious governance.

Association of Corporate Governance Professionals of Nigeria understand the business veracities, challenges and opportunities that face the owners and management of small and medium enterprises.
Our focus is to provide a range of demonstrated, fit for purpose and cost effective corporate governance services that are tailored to individual clients and deliver a tangible impact on your business.
Whether a start-up business or an established enterprise seeking a new wave of growth or expansion, we take time to understand your business and to devise the optimum tailored solution based on the best practices in corporate governance.

Our services are clearly defined in scope, with clear milestones. We are there to support you throughout the execution of the agreed corporate governance interventions.
Our expert advisors use a highly personal approach supported by proven tools and processes, to ensure alignment and leadership competence at all levels in the organization to the vision, business plan and the governance culture that is set by the owners & board of directors.

The services we offer cover all aspects of corporate governance and it is our SME focus, expertise and specialist knowledge that we rely on to become a trusted partner to your business.

Good Governance is a key factor in establishing credibility, resilience and ethical treatment of stakeholders. Yet for SMEs, the apparent complexity of the Governance agenda can be a barrier to implementation, leading to many companies short-changing their capabilities and failing to build capacity.

Corporate governance is now seen as an essential building block of stable economies. It helps to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and, increasingly, those of other stakeholders, providing a framework for effective monitoring of management actions and performance and for encouraging better business results.

Corporate governance structures can be seen as frameworks to help organisations achieve long-term success for their stakeholders.

How SMEs stand to benefit

SMEs can gain a range of benefits from establishing appropriate corporate governance in their businesses"
  • Less risk of conflict between family members or other owners who are actively managing the business and those who are not
  • Enhanced access to credit
  • Faster business growth
  • Greater resilience to fraud, theft or other financial costs due to poor internal controls
  • Summary of our services for SME’s:
  • CG Framework: Complete tailored corporate governance framework.
  • Board of Director Review: Comprehensive review to improve board operations and effectiveness.
  • Organisation Leadership: Ensuring the executive leadership is competent and understand its governance role.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Establishing effective risk management and control systems in the business.
  • Family governance: Supporting all areas of the relationship/saparability between family and business.

ACGN's SME’S Director Education Framework maps core responsibilities of the board to critical areas of director knowledge that are essential to a director's ability to lead with confidence in the boardroom.

Core Board Responsibilities

  • Board Governance, Structure, and Function
  • Ongoing Board Responsibilities and Activities
  • Shareholder Considerations

Areas of Director Knowledge and Competency

  • Board Role and Structure
  • Director Duties and Liabilities
  • Board Operations and Process
  • Committee Roles, Responsibilities, and Activities
  • Financial and Managerial Decision Making
  • Talent Oversight
  • Strategy Oversight and Planning
  • Risk Oversight
  • Shareholder Engagement
  • Corporate Transformations