About Us

Creating long-term stakeholder value through conscientious governance.

Founded in 2017, the Association of Governance Professionals of Nigeria (AGPN) (the "Association") is a non-profit organization comprised principally of corporate governance specialists and business executives in governance, ethics and compliance functions at public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Members are responsible for supporting their board of directors and executive management in matters such as board practices, compliance, regulation and legal matters, shareholder relations and subsidiary management.
The Association seeks to be a positive force for responsible corporate governance, providing news, research and "best practice" advice and providing professional development and education through examination, seminars and conferences. The Association is administered by a national staff located in Lagos, by members who serve on board and standing committees and through the member activities of two local chapters.

Statement on Governance

Consistent with its mission as a positive force for corporate governance excellence, the Association encourages each of its members, and in turn their companies, to be aware of and participate in debates and discussions of various corporate governance practices that are from time to time propounded or legislated; and it continually provides its members with up-to-date learning, information on corporate governance developments. Members are urged to be students, and sometimes apostles, of good corporate governance.

The Association believes that good corporate governance results from

(1) the independence of decision of the company's Board of directors,
(2) the presence of sound procedures to ensure the Board's business judgment is well supported and issues and risks are timely surfaced and dealt with, and
(3) an appropriate balance between shareholder rights and the appropriate exercise of the Board's duties and responsibilities.

The specific means to achieve these goals must be tailored to the company's specific circumstances.

The Society inspires its members to assess periodically their company's own governance practices and their Board's effectiveness in light of those company-specific circumstances; giving due consideration to the points-of-view of the company's long-term shareholders and of governance authorities.
The Association stands for corporate governance excellence in truth and indeed.

Our Chapters

Membership in the Society is both national and local. The Association will have two Chapter nationwide, One in Abuja to cover all the Northern Nigeria and one in Porthacourt to cover the Eastern Nigeria.
The chapters provide members with an opportunity to get together in smaller groups on a regular basis to discuss matters of common interest. The Association’s chapters shall have their own officers, local meetings, programmes and conferences.
Chapter meetings, which typically feature speakers and discussion at luncheons, dinners or receptions, afford members an important regular means of contact with and participation in the affairs of the Association. They also are an integral part of the overall networking opportunity the Association offers to its members.

National Office Staff

  • Regisrar/CEO
  • Director Membership Services & Business Dev.
  • Director HR/Operations Management
  • Director Learning Services Management
  • Finance Manager
  • Event/Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Business Development Managers
  • IT/Web Development officer

What does it mean to be a member of the Association?

  • Access to corporate governance resources and thought leadership
  • Learning practical skills and professional development
  • Opportunities to collaborate and engage
  • Advocacy on critical governance issues
  • Obtain a certified Certificate in Corporate Governance

Our Plan is designed around three key strands;

  • growth,
  • membership and
  • Regulation.

The Governance

The Association was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission and governed by Council representatives. Council members are drawn from and represent all the regions of Nigeria. Additional members may be appointed to the Council as specialist or Co-opted members to represent particular areas of corporate governance practice or special knowledge.

Additional members may be appointed to the Council as specialist or Co-opted members to represent particular areas of corporate governance practice or special knowledge.
Council members are responsible for ensuring that the affairs of the Association are conducted diligently, legally and transparently.
Council makes all the strategic and policy decisions of the Association and are implemented at an operational level by the Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his team of managers and staff.


  • Recognized among Regulators as a referral institution in terms of Corporate Governance
  • Policy views, studies and guidelines on different Corporate Governance issues
  • Consistent Corporate Governance conferences, events and training
  • Sustainability support for business especially the SME'S

Instituting Governance Framework Service

Increasingly, boards of progressive enterprises, parastatals and not-for-profits are grounding their organisations upon solid foundations of good governance practices to foster the confidence of their key stakeholders.
In recent years, these organisations have seen problems occurred to so many once-proud and respected boards due to poor governance and resolve to avoid that fate.
These forward-looking organisations see the value in adopting corporate governance best practices to enhance their personal and corporate reputation with customers, employees, creditors, lenders, regulators, legislators and their community.
If you are in a board leadership position and believe that a reputation for good governance will lead to improved performance and wish to leverage that value, please call us at ACGPN for any of the following assignments:

Framework Assessments Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk & Compliance Framework
  • Board Performance Evaluations
  • Director Induction Programmes
  • Board Committee Terms of Reference
  • Background Check
  • Outsourcing Services